About Us

Empire Dental Clinic is a limited liability Company registered under the companies Act (Cap 499 section 14 of the laws of Kenya) in 2016 vide registration ref BN/3(625245). Since incorporation, we have established, diversified and leveraged our position in terms of offering unparalleled range of specialized dental services to our esteemed clients.

Our long and broad experiences derives from a small but dedicated group of various no. of employees who have ensured consistent growth, achieved through our uncompromising ability to maintain personalized services offering, flexible and proactive responsiveness to customer requirements while at the same time safeguarding our reputation for cost effectiveness.

Beyond Chance Empire dental clinic has deep-rooted health knowledge and fraternal linkages world-wide and in the region there-by guaranteeing top-notch personalized efficient services grounded in our core values of quality-delivery through integrity and honesty, complimented by a dedicated workforce. Our organization is founded on a solid pedestal pegged on sound corporate fundamentals Our operations and services are customized and guided by strong governance systems which confer operational and financial efficiencies to our processes , these are then passed on to our esteemed clients .

In order to meet our clients’ diverse requirements, we opt for flexible and innovative marketing, operational and pricing strategies designed to accommodate all the needs of our patients. Our goal is to become a one-stop solution provider in the health industry in order to offer our patients superior services.

We have two major objectives that drive the business to achieve excellence:

  1. To provide high quality dental services to the community
  2. To provide a safe, positive and productive work environment for all our people


To be the professional dental clinic that consistently exceeds the expectations of our patients and our staff.

Our Vision:

To be respected as The Best dental clinic at providing care and service to our patients and customers.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Quality service
  • Value for health
  • Strict adherence to corporate governance principles

Our Goals

  • To be your partner of choice in the health industry
  • To be a world class dental clinic

Our Competitive Advantages

Include highly skilled and motivated employees with a thorough knowledge of the dental services, good relations with the authorities and all other relevant clinics, innovative services and consistent health presence.